Taking steps toward a financially stable future involves understanding concepts and establishing habits that will help you accomplish your goals for years to come.  One of those concepts is Saving.  After obtaining the Saving badge, you should:

  • Understand the importance of saving early.
  • Know what it means to pay yourself first.
  • Understand and establish a relationship with the financial system.
  • Know how to comparison shop.
  • Balance risk and return.
  • Be able to plan and save for long-term goals (e.g., retirement, child’s education, etc.).
  • Track savings and monitor what you own.

To get the Saving badge, you must participate in at least three Saving-focused learning activities, at least one of which is highly encouraged to be in person.  Below is a list of online and in-person financial education opportunities that count towards the Saving badge.

In-Person Events Online Events
Financial Wellness & Savings Tips
Managing Life’s Financial Transitions
Money Habitudes: Discover Your Money Personality
New Years Resolutions, Finances & You
Paint A Pig Party
Saving Money While Commuting
University of Illinois Saves Competition
Steps Toward Investing Webinar
Banking iGrad Module
Investing iGrad Module

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