Learning about the core concept of earning is seemingly simple with many aspects of decision-making that can complicate your understanding of income.  After obtaining the Earning badge, you should:

  • Understand your paycheck.
  • Know about potential benefits and taxes.
  • Be able to invest in your future / Know the value of your degree.
  • Understand the steps to start your own business.
  • Define customers, product competition & profit in entrepreneurship.
  • Recognize options for funding a small business.
  • Understand regulatory processes for small business (e.g., taxes, registrations, etc.).
  • Identify important considerations of negotiating employment compensation.
  • Understand methods of preparing for a job interview (e.g., job searches, mock interviews, researching potential employers).

To get the Earning badge, you must participate in at least three Earning-focused learning activities, at least one of which is highly encouraged to be in person.  Below is a list of online and in-person financial education opportunities that count towards the Earning badge.

In-Person Events Online Events
Financial Planning Clinic
Easy as 1 2 3… Filing Your Own Taxes
How to Talk to Clients About Money
Making the Most of Job Benefits
Steps Toward Financial Planning Workshop
Taxation of Waivers Overview
Venture Start
Venture Viability
Venture Finance
Venture Launch
How to Talk to Clients About Money Webinar
What’s Your Job Worth? Webinar
Scholarships Webinar
Your Paycheck iGrad Module

Full library of badge-eligible activities available here.

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