Financial Literacy Program

Financial Literacy Badges Program

The Financial Literacy Badges Program structures University of Illinois’ financial education initiatives to align with the National Financial Capability Standards produced by the Department of the Treasury:

  • Borrowing
  • Earning
  • Saving
  • Spending
  • Protect

The goal of the Badges Program is to provide a structured option for expanding student’s financial skills and knowledge related to each one of the above financial topics or “financial core competencies”.

The program incorporates the use of Mozilla’s OpenBadges platform, where students can display their digital badge of accomplishments through this program online. The Urbana campus has created an OpenBadges@Illinois group that uses this infrastructure to issue digital badges.The badges earned can be electronically credentialed via public backpacks on sites such as LinkedIn.

To enhance the electives that can be used to earn these Badges, we want to invite you to submit additional programming provided through colleges, departments and University units that align with the National Capability Standards’ themes.  The form for this submission can be found here.

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