How to show off your Digital Badges

1) Storing your Badges

2) Retrieving your Badges

  • Creating your backpack

In order to accept a badge, you will need to create a Mozilla Backpack account. Go to and click the Sign Up button.


Mozilla Persona will prompt you to create an account with your email address and a password. Please use your @illinois email address for badges from the College of Business. The password does not need to match the one you use for your email or Compass.

Check your @illinois email for a confirmation message from Mozilla. You will need to click a link in this message to confirm your Mozilla Backpack account.

Accepting a badge

When you are awarded a badge for a course, you will receive an email message in your @illinois account. If you want the badge, click the link to “accept” the award.


This link will open a pop-up window that asks if you want to accept the badge. Click “Yes” to accept the badge and add it to your backpack.


You will then see the badge appear in your backpack account.